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Week 3

It’s Sunday and I’m working on lessons and plans for next week– WEEK 3.  I can’t believe we’re already into week 3 of this new school year.  What do you think about having two teachers this school year?  It’s been fun learning to work beside someone else in the classroom and I’ve learned so much watching someone else teach.  Isn’t it awesome that we never stop learning!

Friday was a really great day.  I saw a lot of light bulbs go off in math class– you’re all catching on to place value and remembering what you learned last year.  It was also exciting to see everyone explore the Virginia Regions on the VA Trekkers site.  Everyone seemed to enjoy learning about our awesome state! (You’ll learn later we’re not REALLY a state at all!).

I just remembered that most of you took the Stars Reading test.  I’m going to check out those scores NOW! I look forward to getting AR started this year and earning more points than any other class in the school.  It’s our year!